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Mark Your Calendar

Saturday, Aug 10, 2024 - Triple B & Blazer Bonanza- Annual Breed  Show - Post Falls, Idaho - Hosted by Red Top Blazers &  Stables

Halter and Showmanship classes, 

Sunday, Aug 11, Blazer Bonanza- Riding classes, Western, English and Free Style Round pen.  

Saturday, Oct 19,  2024

1:00pm Annual Membership Meeting, 

5:30 pm Awards Banquet

at the Pendleton Roundup Roy Raley Rm

Hover pointer over  picture to see info on horse & rider(s)

Current show results as reported available in the

Spring 2024 publication

pg 8-14.

Blazer Horse Creed

We believe that the world is better with American Blazer Horses in it. We believe that horses ought to be gentle, willing, honest, agile, and bred with conformation and disposition in mind.

We believe Blazer Horses meet this expectation over and over again. We believe that Blazer Horses are a gentle whisper from the history of the American West.

We believe in yesterday. We honor the horses and the people who got us this far, and we believe their stories deserve to live on. We believe that the best horses in our breed haven’t been born yet, that our biggest promoters aren’t involved yet, and that the future is bright for American Blazer Horses and the equestrians who love them.

We believe the future is now. Right now. To be a part of this movement means a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to leave a mark... to make history.

We believe this is no time to think small.

We believe in stories. Stories help us understand where we’ve been, who we are, and what we aspire to become. Stories are the best way we know to celebrate this breed and keep building it... one believer at a time

We believe it’s our job to tell those stories.

Most of all, we believe in tomorrow. We believe... no, we know!...that Blazer Horses are special... that this journey is worth it... and that if we stay true to what we believe … together, we can change the world. Because we believe in Blazers.

Written by Brian Harper-Tibaldo May 2019

2023 Equine Trail Sports - The American Blazer Horse is known for its versatility, willingness, and character. This past year an American Blazer Horse Association mare reached the top spot in a National  Pegasus Tournament! She competes in the Advanced Bracket of Equine Trail Sports in the Northwest Region. She accrued enough points throughout the year to grab the top spot in the nation! Cowboy's Cadillac F2041 (CC) is a 9 year old this year, she will continue to represent our Breed as an example of why Blazers are so exceptional. She also competes in Mountain Trail. She has been a treasure to her owners since she was born on their ranch in Wyoming. Congratulations CC for an awesome accomplishment in 2023!way to ride for the breed!!! GO BLAZERS!!!

CC- winning Pegasus tournament.jpg
Crystal on CC.jpg
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