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All American Blazer Horses must meet the following requirements  to be registered.

Every American Blazer Horse has to have a documented pedigree back to Little Blaze F1.**


Blazers are a disposition and conformation breed.

  • A gentle and willing disposition

  • Standing between 13 and 15 hands at maturity

  • A refined head with bold eyes that set well out on the corners of the head.

  • Well sloped shoulder 

  • A short back to carry weight

  • A long hip for more power

  • Good flat bones with strong legs; medium-length pasterns 

  • Solid  coat colors , no  albinos, paints, pinto, greys, creamello, perlino or appaloosa characteristics). 

  • No  full or partially blue, or white eyed horse are register-able

  • No white markings above the knee except on face (excluding scars and brands)

  • Horses are registered as  a weaning, any horse that does not meet the height requirement at maturity, either under 13 hands or over 15 hands, the owners must surrender their papers and they will be revoked.  You can still breed the horse and if their offspring meets the requirements, their offspring can be registered. 

  • Foundation Brood Book Advancement requirements. 

  • Any mare or stallion registered after 2006 and used for breeding purposes must be inspected  by a veterinarian to ensure they meet the breed standards and do not have any skeletal defects that can be transmitted to their offspring.  (Forms available on this website to download) 


  • Horses registered prior to 2006 with an H#

  • met breed standards and  were admitted as a         hardship registration. They were bred to                  Foundation stock and their offspring were                registered which gives them a lineage  back to Little Blaze F1, the Foundation Sire.

American Blazer Horse Association Handbook- 

By-laws and Corporate Policy

Fourth Edition -Revised 3/22/2023

American Blazer Horse Association Membership Ethics

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