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2021 Triple B Held at Dunn Rite Ranch 8/14/2021. 

2021 Triple B Entries (8) - Copy.CR2

Left to Right, Sir Billy Gene F2073, Legacy's Show Bandit F2075, Legacy's Castiel F2070, Chicita Harriet F2072, Santana's Dotter F2065, Partner's Chiquita Molly F2074. 

Partner's Chiqita  Molly F2074, Grand Champion 2021 Triple B,  Filly 1st in-hand, 3rd conf

Partner's Chiquita Molly F 2074,

Grand Champion Filly

awards, Reserve Champ.  Legacy's Castiel F2070, Gelding 1st Conformation, 1st in-hand obst
awards, 3rd runner upSir Billy Gene F2073, Stallion, 1st Conformation, 1st in-hand, 1st St
Awards, Legacy's Show Bandit F2075, Stallion, 2nd conformation, 2nd In-hand obstacle, 2nd
awards, Santana's Dotter, F2065, Filly, 1st Conformation, 3rd in-hand, 3rd overall filly,
Chicita Harriet F2072, Filly, 2nd conformation, 2nd in-hand, 2 overall filly.  Owner Mike

Legacy's Castiel F2070 

Reserve Champion

Gelding 1st

Sir Billy Gene F 2073 -

3rd Runner Up

Stallion 1st Conformation

Legacy's Show Bandit F 2075

Stallion 2nd Conformation

Santana's Dotter F2065

1st Filly Conformation

Chicita Harriet F2072

2nd Filly conformation

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