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2020 Triple B Winnings

*Note in the overall winnings, conformation had a weighed value. So just because someone did better in the in-hand, overall, in the Judge’s opinion, these are the winners. Judge’s decision is final.


                    Overall Winners

Grand Champion - 

          EEC Sexee Lexee F2064

Reserve Champion

          Casey’s Pilot F2057

3rd   Legacy’s Eclipse F2058

4th   Place Midnight Storm F2063

5th   A Music Legacy F2056

Stallion-Best In-Hand

1st-Legacy’s Eclipse F2058

2nd -Casey’s Pilot F2057

Stallion -Best Conformation

1stCasey’s Pilot F2057

2nd Legacy’s Eclipse F2058

Gelding - Best In-Hand

1st Midnight Storm F2063

2nd Flamin' Jose’ F2060


Gelding- Best Conformation

1st Midnight Storm F2063

2nd Flamin' Jose’ F2060


Filly- Best In-hand

1st EEC Sexee Lexee F2064

2nd A Music Legacy F2056

3rd Ragsline Lilly Bee F2053

4th A Streak of Ivory F2062

5th Ruff N’ Reddie F2055

6th Chance's Classic Firefly F2059

7th Monica’s Precious Jewel F2054

8th B Streakin Good F2061


Filly- Best Conformation

1st EEC Sexee Lexee F2064

2nd -A Music Legacy F2056

3rd Chances Classic Firefly F2059

4th  Ragsline Lilly Bee F2053

5th A Streak of Ivory F2062

6th Monica’s Precious Jewel F2054

7th B Streakin Good F2061

8th Ruff N’ Reddie F2055


grand champion.jpg
third place overall.jpg
A Music Legacy F2056.jpg
Chances Classic Firefly, F2059.jpg
A streak of Ivory.jpg
Flaming Jose' F2060.jpg
reserve champion.jpg
Midnight Storm F 2063.jpg
Ragsline Lilly Bee F2053.jpg
pj- triple b ribbons.jpg
B Streakin' Good F2061.jpg
Ruff N' Reddie F2055.jpg
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