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 Triple B Aug 14, 2022  (Blazer Breeder's Best)

Yearling Horse Show for Conformation &  Obstacle Course

triple B 2022 2_edited.jpg

Meah Legacy F 2077 

Grand Champion

1st Conformation

3rd Obstacle Course

Shown by Lou Kelleher, Owned by Erner Family

triple b 2022 11.jpg

A Legacy of Diamonds F2081

Reserve Champion

1st Obstacle Course

2nd Conformation

Owned and Shown by Brooke Smith

triple B 2022-1_edited.jpg

Diamonds and Bugattis F2078

3rd Place Overall

2nd Obstacle Course

3rd Conformation

Owned and Shown by Stevee Keller

Triple B 2022_edited.jpg
ttriple b 2022_edited.jpg
triple b 2022 10_edited.jpg
triple b 2022 12_edited.jpg

Blazen Rio McGee F2080

4th Obstacle Course

4th Conformation

Owned by Karenia Twidt, shown by Kalyna Vopat

triple b 2022 9_edited.jpg
triple b 2022 8_edited.jpg
triple b 2022 7_edited.jpg
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